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If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you should be evaluated by a chiropractor as soon as possible. You do not need a MD’s referral to do so. 

Many people will develop pain, stiffness and other symptoms such as headaches or arm/leg pain even several days following a motor vehicle accident. This is not unusual; however you should be assessed as soon as possible by your chiropractor. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the symptoms may recur over several months. The symptoms will lessen gradually over that time and in most cases patients will recover to their pre-accident condition with the proper care and direction.


A number of workers compensation studies have shown chiropractic care to be superior to medical care in the treatment of on the job back injuries. Chiropractors have been able to get their patients out of pain and back to work faster and with lower treatment costs.

Every year we help many patients recover from their repetitive stress or traumatic work related injuries. Proper care and an effective rehabilitation plan are essential in getting you healthy and back on the job as soon as possible.

If you are injured while at work, you are required to report the incident to your supervisor immediately. Once an incident report is filled out and submitted to WorkSafe BC, you will be given a claim number. Please advise the reception that your injury occurred in the work place and provide your claim number when you book your appointment. This will allow our staff to prepare the necessary paperwork prior to your arrival so we can get the process started as soon as possible.

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