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I have been going to Maple Meadows Chiropractic for about 6/7 years and I have always had amazing service and great relationships with the staff. They are incredibly welcoming and adaptable. I would not trust anyone else with such a delicate system.


I'm so grateful for what they've done for me! The certainly keep me moving!


Maple Meadows Chiropractic has helped my family for over 20 years of care for injury as well as maintenance and well being. Dr. Matt is professional, knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend Maple Meadows Chiropractic.


I would highly recommend anyone at this chiropractic office. 
I've been seeing Dr N for over SIX years now and I couldn’t imagine seeing anyone else. 
He is wonderful with my family, and is very personable. 
They go above and beyond for their clients!
I am very proud to be going to this wonderful office once a week, one of the best parts of my day!


What a warm and inviting place. Everyone has been friendly and super helpful.. Definitely recommend to everyone!!!


I've been a patient since 2008. Whenever there was a need for this type of healing I've always come away better and happier.

When there were times I couldn't be here for chiropractic care I always looked forward to the moment I could because I knew I would get better.

This is a worthwhile investment in one's self. Plus!!! Lesson learned: Keep up with maintenance to keep things balanced!


Fantastic office for the whole family. We love the events they have for the kids and the family.


Dr Charlene Howard is amazing. Shes relieved me of at least 10 years of pain. I can't remember the last time I've been able to move out of bed so quickly or not feel sore after work or exercise. They are super kid friendly and knew my name from day one. They educate while healing and I highly recommend anyone looking for a chiro to call these amazing doctors. They work on kids too!


I would highly recommend Maple Meadows Chiro. While I primarily see Dr Crystal, I've had great experiences with all the doctors. All the staff are welcoming and friendly and really care. I take my kids as well and they are really comfortable with getting adjusted.

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